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Social Harmony Project

snapshots of children programme

Hong Kong Heritage Museum has launched "Social Harmony Project: From the Sky above the Museum-for a Better Tomorrow", through which the museum hopes to forge a close partnership with non-profit-making social service organisations that care for members from different communities and schools that serve under-privileged groups, in order to provide a platform for them to take part in arts and cultural activities.

Educational Theatre: Tales of Heaven and Earth – A Journey Through Dunhuang Culture
In association with the exhibition "The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Digital Dunhuang: Tales of Heaven and Earth"
(All sessions of the educational theatre are full. Thank you for your support. Please contact Miss Carman Wong of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre by phone at 3103 5973 during office hours if you have any enquiries.)

This drama, which is the first-ever school touring performance jointly organised by Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, will be performed in schools for students with special needs in various districts in June and July 2018. The drama aims to give students an introduction to the history, development, legendary figures and artistic value of the Dunhuang Mogao Caves through an interesting and educational play.

The drama features the stories of three directors of the Dunhuang Academy, leading students into the world of the Mogao Caves, as they learn about its history, development, and artistic and cultural value. During the performance, the magnificent collection of artworks of the Mogao Caves will be introduced to enhance the students' understanding of the cultural value hidden within the caves. The performers will interact with the students and discuss the difficulties in heritage conservation to raise their interest in Chinese culture and motivate them to participate in the museum's activities.

Date During school hours from Monday to Friday from 1 June to 13 July 2018
(The actual dates can be scheduled according to the school's preference.)
Time The educational theatre will last for about 45 minutes
(The actual time can be scheduled according to the school's preference.)
Venue The assembly hall of the school applying for the programme
Performer The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
Target Students of all special schools in Hong Kong
Quota 5 special schools
Fee Free
Enrolment A minimum of 50 participants for each performance. If your school is interested in participating in this educational theatre project, please contact Miss Carman Wong of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre by phone at 3103 5973 during office hours.