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Special Programmes for "Po Leung Kuk 145th Anniversary: Building Charity with Benevolence" Exhibition

Unless otherwise stated, all special programmes are conducted in Cantonese and are free of charge. The Museum makes no representations on the content of the programmes. For special arrangements under inclement weather conditions, please click here for details. Programmes are subject to change and cancellation without prior notice. For enquiries, please call 2180 8260.

1. Talks 

Match Made in Po Leung : A Glimpse of Marriage Customs of Bygone Days

Po Leung Kuk, among its many charitable missions, used to assume the parental role in arranging marriage for those girls under protection who had come of age. The talk will offer a glimpse of marriage customs of the bygone days, examine how the institutional practice of match-making came into being and explain its social significance.

Here for Good : Celebrity and Philanthropy of Po Leung Kuk

The talk will take us down the memory lane to revisit some memorable fundraising events launched by Po Leung Kuk in the postwar years to examine why and how celebrity and philanthropy are a perfect match in drawing public attention, support and funding.

Hall of Fame : Portraiture and Patronage of Po Leung Kuk

The founding and development of Po Leung Kuk has been blessed with the support and dedication of a stream of board directors who were the elites of the old Hong Kong. The talk will showcase a host of portraits of Po Leung Kuk directors which are gracing its main hall, interesting stories of their legendary families and legacy of their patronage in shaping Hong Kong society. 

Masters and Brushstrokes : Stories behind Calligraphy of Po Leung Kuk

The Po Leung Kuk Main Building is graced by a wealth of commemorative plaques and couplets bearing witness of the institution’s achievement in charitable works and embodying a literary treasure trove proudly on display. The talk will take us to a literary journey to appreciate a selection of the finest works of four eminent masters of Chinese calligraphy, namely Cen Guangyue, Au Kin-kung, So Sai-kit, and Hsieh Hsi, and reveal the intriguing stories behind.


2. Workshops 

Workshop on Chinese Embroidery

The workshop begins with an introduction of “off-spring knots”, a pair of accessories adorning traditional Chinese bridal gowns embroidered with auspicious patterns to symbolize fertility, followed by a demonstration of the basics of Chinese embroidery. Participants in pair will learn how to decorate their own knots with traditional embroidery skills.

Workshop on Flower Board Crafting

The workshop begins with an overview on the origin, functions and development of flower boards in Chinese culture, customs, traditions and aesthetic, followed by a demonstration of basic crafting skills. Participants in pair will learn how to make their own flower boards step by step.

Workshop on Festive Cookies

The workshop offers a selection of iconic graphic patterns ranging from Po Leung Kuk Main Building to Hong Kong popular culture for inspiration. Participants will be given chocolate pens to decorate the festive cookies with fun and creativity.

Workshop on Chinese Calligraphy

The workshop begins with an overview on the art of Chinese calligraphy, its evolution in styles and scripts, followed by a demonstration of the basic techniques. Participants will be given tools and materials to write their own festive couplets.

3. Guided Tours with the Curator

The history of Po Leung Kok has always been inextricably intertwined with that of Hong Kong with twists and turns. Come and join the exclusive guided tours led by Ms Sally Yeung, Curator of Po Leung Kuk Museum to explore the themes, the highlights and interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the exhibition.

4. Public Guided Tours Schedule

Po Leung Kok 145th Anniversary: Building Charity with Benevolence