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"Happy Friday Studio for MuseKids" Event Snapshots


In July and August 2017, the Happy Friday Studio was held exclusively for MuseKids. Instructors guided the MuseKids to visit the exhibition "Inventing le Louvre: From Palace to Museum over 800 Years" and the museum's collection stores. The MuseKids had a special summer, learning more about the museum and exploring their creativity through drama, oil painting and sand painting.


I Write‧I Act‧I Create My Own Louvre Play
I Write‧I Act‧I Create My Own Louvre Play: The MuseKids first acted as little special agents and looked into some of the Louvre exhibits. Based on these exhibits, they revealed the secrets of the Louvre collection in front of their families through acting and drawing.  

Fun Painting Workshop
Led by an instructor, the MuseKids learned how to appreciate the masterpieces of the Louvre. They made use of composition and colouring techniques to create paintings that depicted some well-known stories.


Into the Heart of the Museum's Collection
Our museum's assistant curators shared their experience in handling objects. They guided the MuseKids through the collection stores, giving them a rare chance to catch a glimpse of the museum's collections.


Sand Art Workshop
The MuseKids learned the basic skills of sand painting and created their own stories with sand.