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Breaking New Ground: Donated Works of Chan Wing-sum

Free Admission

Chao Shao-an Gallery, 1/F
From 1 May 2024 onwards

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Chan Wing-sum is an accomplished painter with a strong personal style. He studied painting with the Lingnan master Professor Chao Shao-an in 1976, as well as pursuing traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and seal carving under other renowned teachers. He has participated in various joint and solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Canada, etc. Based on the composition, imagery and ink adaptation in traditional Chinese painting, Chan adds his carefree brushwork and contemporary interpretation to create his ink painting in an abstract manner. His works embrace the flexible concept of Lingnan School of Painting to blend traditional and modern elements with innovative approaches.

In 2021, Chan Wing-sum generously donated 15 of his representative artworks to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. This exhibition showcases Chan Wing-sum’s landscape and flower-and-bird paintings, placed alongside the works by Professor Chao Shao-an. The visitors can see how Chan has incorporated his mentor’s painting techniques into his own works and appreciate his mastery of ink adaptation.

The exhibition is also one of the activities in the Chinese Culture Promotion Series. The LCSD has all along promoted Chinese history and culture through organising an array of programmes and activities to enable the public learn more about broad and profound Chinese culture. For more information, please visit


Exhibit Highlights