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The Reflection — Art & Design of Hon Bing-wah

Free Admission

Thematic Galleries 1 & 2, 1/F
15 November 2023 – 15 April 2024

The Reflection — Art & Design of Hon Bing-wah

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hon Bing-wah, a renowned Hong Kong designer and artist, has been a visionary pioneer in promoting the seamless integration of Eastern and Western elements, by integrating the Western design concept with Chinese traditions and local culture. His works, ranging from graphic to three-dimensional displays, embody humanistic ideas and reflect his concern for the community. He utilises design as a powerful tool for giving back to the community.

This exhibition features over a hundred exhibits created by Hon since the 1970s. In addition to commercial design, his representative works also covered design projects for public, charity and cultural institutions, including modification to the design of the Regional Flag and Regional Emblem of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the logos of the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. The exhibition also features Hon’s artistic creations in different media, which fully showcase his versatile talent and unbounded creativity.