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Cartoonist Louie Yu Tin

Comics taking a satirical look at post-war Hong Kong society have been around since the 1940s and 1950s, and many of the characters from that era are still fondly remembered by the people of Hong Kong. One prominent example is Louie Yu Tin's creation Woo Lung Wong. With content that criticized corruption and society's ills in scenes that portrayed the daily life of common people, it proved a massive hit with readers.

Now, more than half a century later, we have an opportunity to revisit Louie's creations thanks in no small part to his family. After the artist's death in 2008, they very generously donated to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum more than 130 items related to Louie's work, including manuscripts of his comics and novels as well as other publications and film materials. "Woo Lung Wong: Exhibition of Cartoonist Louie Yu Tin's Collection" had been held in 2012 with a view to providing the public with an insight into Louie's drawing and writing style, and highlighting the social satire genre that enjoyed such popularity in the middle of the last century. What's more, we have the original artwork highlights to be uploaded onto the museum website for public viewing.

Serial Comic Woo Lung Wong-created in HK Issue No. 3

Serial Comic Woo Lung Wong-created in HK Issue No. 4