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MuseTeens Programmes

The 15th "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme"


The "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" uses the museum as an learning platform, by offering training and internship opportunities to students to enhance their interest in culture and arts, and foster an active learning attitude and spirit of community service.
This year's "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" is now open for applications. About 30 young people who are interested in and enthusiastic about culture will be selected in late June to take part in the Scheme. From July to September, they will receive training and gain internship experience. By attended seminars, workshops and visits, the MuseTeens will gain better knowledge of museum work, such as exhibition curating, collection management and conservation of artefacts. The Scheme will also enhance their understanding of local art and culture.
The museum will organise the following extensive training programmes for MuseTeens:

(I) Museum 101
The MuseTeens learn about the history, functions and development of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, as well as its conservation work and collection management, in workshops. They will have a rare opportunity to visit the Museum's Resource Centre, conservation labs and collection stores.

(II) All about exhibition curatorship
The MuseTeens will learn about exhibition planning, including concept development, preparation and production, thus deepening their understanding of local arts and culture through the museum's permanent exhibitions, special exhibitions and core collections.

(III) Learning about and promoting the museum services
The MuseTeens will learn about the essentials of customer service, docent services, and special event planning and preparation. The internship programme will provide the MuseTeens with experience in museum work, and allow them to become on-site and outreach museum ambassadors promoting museum services.

(IV) 2021 Special Theme Series
"ExquisitenessLivingCulture" Programmes
The MuseTeens will learn about the close relationship among culture, the arts and living through a variety of education programmes, enabling the MuseTeens to understand and engage in preserving and passing on our culture.

(V) Extension internships and sharing by MuseTeens-in-Schools
MuseTeens will promote museum services on site and beyond the museum premises. They can participate in the museum's internship activities according to their individual interests and the available timeslots. Leveraging the knowledge they gain in the Scheme, they will have opportunities to unleash their creativity through a variety of media, by reporting their first-hand experience to their teachers and schoolmates, and sharing what they learned in the programme, thus contributing to cultural promotion.

At the end of the scheme, they are required to submit a report – in written, photo or video form – on the results of their promotion efforts in the MuseTeens-in-Schools programme. The highlights of their reports will later be posted on the HKHM website for all to share.

Arts and culture lovers, please join us!


Juniors (F1–3) and Seniors (F4–6)


Free of charge. Applicants should apply through their school principal or teacher and submit the following documents# to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, at 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin by post, by e-mail to, or in person during museum opening hours on or before 11 June 2021:

1) Completed application form (download the form here)

2) Personal portfolio (e.g. record of extra-curricular activities and photocopies of awards and certificates)

(Each principal or teacher can nominate up to five students on the application form.)

# Please indicate "Application for MuseTeens Scheme" on the submitted envelope, or in the e-mail subject line.

Entry Selection:

Preliminary selection: The submitted entries and portfolio will be reviewed.

Final selection: Interview (to be held in late June 2021)


Please contact Ms Kwok (tel: 2180 8192) or Ms Wong (tel: 2180 8196) of our Education & Extension Team should you have any enquiry.