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Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme

The "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" is celebrating its 15th anniversary! Using the museum as an interactive learning platform, the "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" enables secondary school students to learn through practical experience in a museum environment, thus enhancing their interest in local culture, broadening their cultural horizons, and fostering an active learning attitude and the spirit of serving the community.

During summer vacation in the past 14 years, the museum has selected hundreds of young people who are interested in and passionate about culture to become MuseTeens, and provided them with diverse training and internship experience. The programme features the following activities:

Museum 101
MuseTeens learn about the history, functions and development of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum through experience in facilities such as the Resource Centre, conservation labs and collection stores; and learn about conservation work and collection management in workshops.

All about exhibition curatorship
Through the activities, the MuseTeens learn about the involvement of curators in exhibition planning from various perspectives, including concept development, preparation and production, thus deepening their understanding of local arts and culture through the museum's permanent exhibitions, special exhibitions, and core collections.

Learning about and promoting museum services
MuseTeens learn about the essentials of customer service, docent services, and special event planning and preparation. By participating in the internship programme, MuseTeens gain experience in museum work and ultimately become on-site and outreach museum ambassadors promoting museum services.

Culture-related theme series
Each year, a new theme is set for the "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme". Through visits, workshops, seminars and various other activities, the scheme deepens the participants' understanding of cultural topics and broadens their horizons to equip them to actively engage in passing on our culture.

Extension internships and sharing by MuseTeens in schools
MuseTeens promote museum services on site and beyond the museum premises. They can participate in the museum's internship activities, according to their individual interests and the available timeslots. Leveraging the knowledge they gain in the scheme, MuseTeens have an opportunity to unleash their creativity through a variety of media, to report their first-hand experience to their teachers and fellow schoolmates, and to share what they learned in the programme, thus contributing to cultural promotion.

Happy Birthday Sweet Fifteen to the MuseTeens!
After their summer vacation every year, the MuseTeens return to their schools with the mission of promoting and passing on local culture. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a decade and a half has flown by. Some students have already embarked on their careers. To celebrate the MuseTeens programme's 15th birthday, the museum has compiled a video clip of memorable moments from each year. We invited MuseTeens from different years to share their stories and greetings. Let's review some highlights of the MuseTeens' activities.

We hope that every participant in the "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" will share the knowledge and enjoyment they gained from the programme with their peers. The museum has selected some of the photos taken during the MuseTeens' sharing, for the public to view the MuseTeens' efforts in passing on our cultural heritage.

For more than 10 years, the museum has retained MuseTeens' reports, such as activity records, experience sharing, hand-made books and video recordings. These items show how much the participants valued and enjoyed the programme, as they revealed their dedication and the use of their new knowledge in their reports. The museum has selected the content of some outstanding reports, enabling the public to appreciate the MuseTeens' enthusiasm and creativity.

(In Chinese only)

After experiencing a fruitful and unforgettable summer vacation, all MuseTeens looked forward to the sharing session and prize-giving ceremony. Participants were invited to share their experience and joy with their teachers, schoolmates and family members. The museum also presented awards to outstanding MuseTeens for their performance in training, internships and reporting, and the excellent participants were selected as "Outstanding MuseTeens". Let's take a look at the list of past Outstanding MuseTeens, and revisit the sharing sessions and prize-giving ceremonies!

The museum is grateful for the continued support from teachers, participating students and parents for the "MuseTeens – Youth Leadership Scheme" over the years. Looking ahead, diverse and meaningful themed activities will be arranged for future MuseTeens to enhance their knowledge of museum operations and broaden their cultural horizons. The museum hopes to keep in touch with previous MuseTeens and invite them for a reunion in the future. If you were a MuseTeen, please update us by sending an e-mail to with your name, contact number and the year you participated in the MuseTeens programme.