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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Dunhuang Cultural Tour 2015

In association with the "Dunhuang – Untold Tales, Untold Riches" exhibition, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Friends of Dunhuang Hong Kong co-organised the "Wonderful Imagination of Modern Life Inspired by Dunhuang" Poster Design Competition. From July 18 to 23, 2015, prizewinners in the Senior Secondary and Tertiary divisions embarked on a cultural tour to this mysterious and magnificent treasury of art.

The guest tour tutor, Dr Tsui Chung-hui, a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong's Centre of Buddhist Studies and a scholar of Buddhist Art at Tung Lin Kok Yuen, led students to the famous Dunhuang Grottoes, where they explored in detail the rich cultural heritage embodied in the caves' unique murals and statues. The students were invited to Dunhuang Academy and a sharing session with the Academy's representatives. During the tour, Dr Tsui offered the students deeper insights into Dunhuang culture. The students also had the opportunity to experience the desert landscape, including the Echoing Sand Mountain (Mingshashan) and taste the hardship of travelling on the Silk Road. The tour was an unforgettable experience for all participating students.

The Echoing Sand Mountain (Mingshashan) – an unforgettable experience and for some, their first time in a desert.

Museum visit
The students learn Chinese history through museum visits.

The Yulin Grottoes offer the students a glimpse into the art and history of the murals that
remain from the Yuan to the Qing dynasties.

The students share with the Academy's representatives the inspiration behind their prize-winning pieces and
take a photo with Mr Wang Xudong, Director of the Dunhuang Academy.

In the evenings, the students take lessons from Dr Tsui Chung-hui.

At the end of the six-day tour, the students present Dr Tsui with a drawing to thank her for her guidance.

The students preserve their memories in a visual journal.