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LCSD's Edutainment Channel and 101 Academy

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has launched the Edutainment Channel, a new one-stop online platform covering informative and learning materials on aspects of culture and leisure. The new channel replaces the previous Online Resources Centre which had been in operation since April 2020. The new channel also features a 101 Academy, so the public can access arts, cultural, recreational and sports resources and explore new scopes of knowledge from the comfort of their homes.

The Edutainment Channel, combining education with entertainment, is best captured by its slogan "One click to treasures – Culture & Leisure". With its vast resources grouped into six categories (museums, reading, performing arts, sports, horticulture and greening as well as major parks with animal collections), the channel provides numerous videos on online exhibitions, performances and sports demonstrations. Also included is information on the promotion of online reading and flora and fauna of the LCSD's major parks. Contents of the Edutainment Channel will be updated regularly and new videos will be uploaded to 101 Academy every Friday, to keep people abreast of the latest developments in arts, culture, recreation and sports. The public is most welcome to visit the channel.

LCSD's Edutainment Channel: