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Contemporary Art

In addition to paintings, sketches, sculptures and mixed media works, the museum has been systematically collecting representative pieces of photography, ceramics and print, as well as works relating to technological developments, industrial and commercial applications. The aim here is to describe the close relationship between art and social development. To tie in with the theme of local heritage, the museum also places emphasis on acquiring works recording Hong Kong's panoramic features.

To build up the Hong Kong contemporary art collection, almost 4,000 works has been collected through the method of acquisition or donation. In recent years, the museum has invested tremendous efforts in researching Hong Kong photography and more than 1,500 photographic works has been collected. They ranged from early 19th century local photography to contemporary digital photography of various categories including art photography, documentary and commercial photography. Cameras and photography-related artifacts also fall into the museum collection scope in order to construct a complete view on the development of photography in Hong Kong.

'Lai Yuen Amusement Park', 1997

"Lai Yuen Amusement Park", 1997
WONG Wo-bik
50.7 (H) X 40.5 (W) cm

White Porcelain
WONG Lai-ching, Fiona
71 (H) X 11 (Dia.) cm each

White Porcelain
Magic Eye

Magic Eye
HA Bik-chuen
Mixed media printing - Collagraph & gouache
61 (H) X 80 (W) cm