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Special Programmes for “A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial, Sculpted by Ren Zhe” Exhibition

Unless otherwise stated, all special programmes are conducted in Cantonese and are free of charge. The Museum makes no representations on the content of the programmes. For special arrangements under inclement weather conditions, please click here for details. Programmes are subject to change and cancellation without prior notice. For enquiries, please call 2180 8260.

1. Museum Pass Exclusive Offers

Touring the Fantastic Martial Arts World Created by Jin Yong in Hanfu Costume

Want to travel back in time and meet your favourite martial arts heroes? Museum Pass holders are invited to dress in Han costume and visit the exhibition "A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial, Sculpted by Ren Zhe" and the Jin Yong Gallery, take great shots with the sculptures using props provided by the museum and enjoy an amazing evening exploring the fantastic martial arts world created by Jin Yong.

2. Lecture Series

Characters in Jin Yong’s Martial Arts Novels: Talk by Ren Zhe

The characters in Jin Yong's novels have distinctive characteristics and personalities that make a strong impression on readers. In this lecture, sculptor Ren Zhe will share his understanding and imagination of the characters in Jin Yong's novels. He will also disclose the creation process of the characters he sculpted.


Exploring Jin Yong's Literary World beyond Martial Arts Novels

The martial arts novels by Jin Yong are well-known to most people, but only half of Jin Yong's martial arts are known to the world! The lecture will introduce the cultural writings other than the martial arts novels by Jin Yong written under various pseudonyms, including film reviews, literary reviews, columns, translated works, as well as research articles on Buddhism, so as to appreciate, from multiple perspectives, the legend and a rich body of work of “the martial arts novelist of the generation”.


Jin Yong as Film Critic

Jin Yong used to be a prolific film critic in the 1950s well before he earned his worldwide fame as a martial arts novelist. The lecture will go beyond Jin Yong’s literary world to explore another realm of his interest in film criticism by revisiting a selection of his film reviews, including the finest ones from his two-volume publication A Review of Richard III written under his pen name Yao Jiayi.


Navigating the Multiverse of Jin Yong’s Martial Arts Novels Seventy Years On

The talk will revisit Jin Yong’s martial arts novels and their adaptations to explore the phenomenal growth of his readership over a breath of 70 years. The talk will also investigate how Jin Yong’s literary works and their manifestations have developed into a definitive force in shaping Hong Kong popular culture which remain an enduring source of inspiration for cultural and creative industries cherished by the global Chinese community.


The Very Best of Jin Yong’s Martial Arts Novels

Jin Yong’s martial arts novels have earned him worldwide readership with critical acclaim. Apparently, our understanding of Jin Yong and his masterpieces mostly come from the television drama series which over the years tend to be mere clichés. As best summed up by Ni Kuang (Jin Yong’s contemporary and close friend): reading Jin Yong’s novels and watching the TV adaptations are like comparing apples to oranges. This lecture offers a wonderful opportunity for a duo of Jin Yong long time admirers to share their fond memories and insights of the master wordsmith of Chinese language.


Wrestling with Words: Translating Jin Yong's Martial Arts Novels

This conversation with Gigi Chang, the English translator of Jin Yong’s wuxia martial arts series, Legends of the Condor Heroes, will chart her journey from reader to translator, exploring the joys and trials of bringing Jin Yong’s well-loved stories and traditional Chinese culture to English language readers around the world.


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